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January 2012



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Jan. 22nd, 2012



Test your knowledge using Smarterer and share your results via twitter and facebook! 
This opportunity was through http://www.bzzagent.com/. Check it out, bzzagent allows you access to free products and voice your opinion. 

Jun. 4th, 2011


COVERGIRL natureluxe foundation + lipbalm

I received Covergirl natureluxe foundation in #330, Chamois, as well as a full size sample of NatureLuxe Gloss Balm in #235, Grenache from Buzz Agent.

When I first received the product, I thought that it would be too dark for my skin tone. However, since the foundation was light I gave it a try. Oh boy! I was glad that I did. It provided a light to medium coverage and it was very silky. It did not feel like I was putting on foundation or that I have foundation on. The scent is pleasant and light. So that was a plus. I hate artificial scent. I wish the SPF protection was a little higher. This one, though, is a keeper.

The gloss balm, on the other hand, did not suit my taste. It dried out my lips and it had that artificial taste and scent. So it was a pass.

Dec. 7th, 2010


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Sep. 1st, 2009


Book Series I follow

  • Dresden Files by Jim Butcher 
    • To be read next: Ghost Story (Book 13)
  • Codex of Alera by Jim Butcher 
    • To be read next: DONE!
  • Remy Chandler by Thomas E. Sniegoski
    • To be read next: Dancing on the Head of a Pin (Book 2) 
  • Breaking the Wall by Jane Lindskold
    • To be read next: Nine Gates (Book 2)
  • Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews
    • To be read next: Magic Slays (Book 5)
  • Greywalker by Kat Richardson
    • To be read next: Vanished (Book 4)
  • Quincy Morris by Justin Gustainis
    • To be read next: Evil Ways (Book 2)
  • Felix Castor by Mike Carey
    • To be read next: Vicious Circle (Book 2)
  • Women of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong
    • To be read next: Stolen (Book 2)
  • The Menagerie by Christopher Golden and Thomas E. Sniegoski
    •  To be read next: Stones Unturned (Book 3)
  • Nightside Series by Simon R. Green
    • To be read next: The Bride Wore Black Leathers (Book 12)
  • Mercedes Thompson by Patricia Briggs
    • To be read next: (Book 7)
  • Pepper Martin Mystery by Casey Daniels
    • To be read next: The Chick and the Dead (Book 3)
  • Megan Rhys Mystery by Lindsay Jayne Ashford
    • To be read next: Strange Blood (Book 2)
  • Queen of the Orcs by by Morgan Howeell
    • To be read next: Clan Daughter (Book 2)